child abduction

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Posted by Bérengère on March 21, 2000 at 12:12:37:

Marc Copeland’s Abduction

Searching Parent : His mother Berengere Sophie Copeland

Sean is likely to cross the border between southern California and Mexico
quite often.

He was driving a Grey Suzuki Samurai, with the following plate number - North
Carolina CSH 7176 (type n° JS4JC31CON4102045).

There is also a reward for his arrest.

Married : 1990

Address : 24, avenue Condorcet 69100 Villeurbanne France

Phone/fax: (011) 334 78 93 15 48

Portable : (011) 336 62 32 51 56


Date of Birth: 3/4/68 in Villeurbanne France

Custody : In France: 95/24837/OFF.2, Code 204, District Court of Lyon, filed 2/2/98

Custody : In US: 95 CVD 371, State of North Carolina, District Court of Jackson County, filed 8/12/98

Mother has full custody

Attorney : Kay Murray, 19 Derby Street, Franklin, NC 28734, (828) 349 9006, Fax (828) 369 7111, E-Mail

Detective : J. D. Grant, Criminal investigations, Jackson County Sheriff’s department, 310 Keener Street, Sylva, NC 28779, (828) 586 4480 Fax (828) 586 5109, 24Hr. Phone (828) 586 8901

FBI : Andy Romagnuolo, Jackson Building, 22 South Pak Square, Room 700, Asheville, NC, (828) 253 1643, Fax :(828) 252 9447

NCMEC : Meredith Morrison, (703) 235 3900, Fax (703) 235 4067, (Case # 851694)

Missing child : Marc Herbert Copeland

Birth of birth : 2/20/92 in Villeurbanne, France

SS# : 592-13-0467 in the USA. Sean gave that number at Marc’s school. This social security number, after being ran in database, corresponds to Arroyo, Faustino, 1954 Rifle Range Rd, Winter Haven, FL 33880.

His mother has social security number (it was the first one) : SS# 592-21-7413). There is no trace on it.

Passport : # 085678282, issued 19 Feb 97, New Orleans.(expire Feb. 18, 2002). His father holds this passport. This passport is flagged.

Last weight : +/- 65 lb.

Right handed

Last height : +/- 4’03"

Eyes : Blue

Hair : Blonde

Race : White

Nationality : French/American.

Abducted on : 8/13/98 from Dillsboro, North Carolina

NCIC# : M145897581 (involuntary missing person)

Child’s name has been entered into Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC).

Used to have French accent when speaking English

Chicken pox scars on neck and back, has dimple on chin

Marc does net have any known allergies. Has coughs and congestion in the winter.

Likes : very active, smart, likes to play sports (soccer, judo, karate and baseball). He likes speaking, books, movies, video games and computers

Last schools : Little Angels (Pre-school), 1526 E Main Street, Sylva, NC 28779-5813, (828) 586 2819

Fairview Elementary School (Kindergarten), Fairview road, Sylva, NC 28779, (828) 586 5329 (his mother has school records) - Teacher : Debbie Hooper.

Doctor : Dr Judith Seago, 40 Wetcare Circle, Sylva, NC 28779, (828) 586 5594 (his mother has medical records)

Psychologist : Martha H. Teater, 243 Jones Cove Road, Clyde, NC 28721, (828) 627 3411

Abductor : His father Sean Spencer Copeland

Date of Birth : August 8, 1968 (Portsmouth, VA)

SS# : 591-32-1877

Drivers License number : 033870395 (GA-1993), must have others

Has a French Drivers License.

Has a Permanent Resident Card in France.

Last Known Phone Numbers : Home (828) 586 4792, (828) 631 0102.

Weight : 140 lb.

Height : 5' 07"

Eyes : Blue

Race : White

Hair : Blonde

Right handed

Nationality : American.

Sean has a gap between his two front teeth, dimple on chin. Scar on the left wrist.

Speaks French and English (Southern accent).

Last addresses :

Shoal Creek Road, Bryson Ctiy, NC

651 Ingham Road, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Baxter Dr. Apt 322, Athens, GA

1160 S.W. 1st Avenue Apt B202, Boca Raton, FL

POB 1387, Cheroke, NC 28719

POB 672, Dillsboro, NC 28725

1 POB B, Dillsboro, NC 28725

Last employers’ addresses :

Day International - Quality Control Technician - 25 Old Shoals Road, Arden, NC 28704, (828) 687 4318 (in 1998).

NC Dept. of Transportation - Safety worker - Webster Road, Sylva, NC 28779, (828) 586 6018. Laid off in 1997.

Last attorneys :

James M. Spiro (from August 1995 until late July 1998), 629 W Main Street, Sylva, NC 28779, (828) 586 2466

William Hunter (from late July 1998 until August 13th, 1998), 28 Maple Street, Sylva, NC 28779, (828) 586 4051

Characteristics :

Sean likes outdoor activities : hunting, fishing, camping, boating, mountain biking, skiing and scuba diving.

Marc loves soccer and Sean could have enrolled him in a soccer club or team. He was on a team when in Dillsboro.

Sean likes to exercise.

He enjoys the mountains and woods as well as the ocean

He would hike in the Smokey Mountains near his parents

He enjoys nature and is not a city dweller

He likes going to restaurants, but not clubs

Likes to go to Huddle House or Waffle house for breakfast.

Will take Marc to McDonalds, Burger King or KFC.

Very familiar with guns, knows them well and carries one with him.

Traveled a lot as a kid, most of the United States.

Has lived in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, North Carolina and France

Likes the Western United States, but also likes Caribbean, Cancun and Puerto Rico.

Would live anywhere that is an English or French speaking location.

Likes to visit Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Toys' R Us

Likes to rent movies for Marc

Sean use to have a flying license issued in Florida. He may still have a license. He likes to fly and can adapt to all sorts of situations

He may have gotten his flying lessons and license in New Smyrna Beach, with more lessons in Boca Raton, FL.

Sean said he is instrument qualified


Thinks of things as either black or white.

Feels he has every right to Marc and treats him as if he were a possession.

He believes what he is doing is the right thing for Marc.

He believes he is protecting Marc.

Where Marc is concerned, Sean can be very fanatic and irrational.

Sean may act in an exaggerated state of paranoia now that he knows he is wanted.

Sean is very stubborn and cautious.

Sean would disguise himself, mustache, funny looking clothes, hat, whatever it takes to hide. Used this method in France.


The Malphurs family, little Rocky (about 29) and, to a lesser extent, Jeff ( his brother)

Little Rocky may be living in Boca Raton, FL.

The Malphurs, Big Rocky and Cecile, are divorced

Cecile Malphurs treats Sean like her son, would do anything for him.

In France, Sean had Roy Carpenter as a friend. They would bike together.

Roy lives in Lyon, France with his French wife. Phone: (011) 334 78 08 30 01

The Seals family : good friends of Sean's parents. They own a decoy shop next to Sean's parent's store in Dillsboro. Jim and Susan Seals, Sylva, NC 28779, Home : (828) 586 2940, Shop : (828) 586 9000. They are from Florida.


High school : Homeschooling, Christian Liberty Academy, 1982-1986

AA Degree : International Business at Daytona Beach Community College, 1986-1988

BS Degree : International Business at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton (1992)


From France for Kidnapping: 4/2/97.

From State of NC - Jackson County - Child Abduction - Felony - 8/13/98 - W096049860

From State of NC - Federal warrant - W100763588

Another address:

Sean gave that address when he was working free lance in France: 18, Deland Rd., Ormond Beach, FL. 32125. There is not a street named Deland in Ormond Beach; and the zip code 32125 doesn't go to Ormond Beach, but to Daytona Beach. There is no street named Deland in Daytona Beach, FL.

Work/Work Experience:

When in France Sean was teaching adult education. He was also a "Quality Control technician" for seven months.

Grandparents / family (Mother, Father, Sister, Cousin, Uncles)

Sean's father : Barry Kent Copeland (birth place : St. Augustine, FL, 10/14/1945)

Sean's mother : Barbara Lynn Copeland (maiden name: Boswell, birth place : Lynchburg, VA, 1/4/1947)

Copeland family (Barbara, Barry, Sean Copeland and Charlotte Boswell) : 4, Jarrett Hills, POB 672, Dillsboro, NC 28725, (828) 586 4792, (828) 631 0102

Copelands’ shops :

Mountain Trails, Front street, Dillsboro, NC 28725, (828) 586 9000 (Seal’s shop)

Mountain Trail Leather, Saunokee Village, Cherokee, NC 28719, (828) 497 2388

The Copeland’s appear to have at least one store in the Asheville Mall : Mountain Trails Leather (828) 298 5280.

Sean's Sister : Natalie Sapp, 1010 Vineyard Walk, McDonough, GA 30252.

Barry Copeland could possibly have an address in McDonough, GA : 115, Ashley Dr., McDonough, GA 30252 - (770) 898 9459 / (770) 898 0142

Sean's Cousin : Charlotte Boswell, Address: 4 Jarrett Hills, Dillsboro, NC 28725

She had been adopted by the Copelands. She is the daughter of Barbara’s brother, Billy Boswell.

Sean's Uncle : Kenneth Boswell. Whittier, NC

Sean’s Uncle : Billy Boswell lives in the desert part of CA.

There is a Billy R. Boswell (birth date : 2/38 - SS# 489-38-7266) 455 E. Mauna Loa Av., Glendora CA. 91740 ( ) 963 8394(Former address : 4914 Fortin St., Baldwin Park CA. 91706).

Car plate number :

Sean’s mother : Green Ford Explorer - JXW 1403 (NC)

Sean’s father : Gray Chevrolet Astro - DWV 2016 (NC)

Sean’s cousin - Charlotte : Black Suzuki Samouraï - CSH 7176 (NC)

They also had a red Suzuki Subaru. Also seen a red 4X4, 330 JP (GA) and a golden brown Ford break, BVM 6753 (NC) in front of their house.

Possible leads :

Sean may sell leather goods and buckles at trade shows.
He may have been seen in August/September 1998 at a fest in San Jose (California) with his father and in October 1998 at another fest in Helena (Montana).
Pictures of Marc and information on the following web sites:

You can find pictures of Marc and information on the following web sites :


The Campaign for Missing and Abused Children :

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